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Therapy Sessions
Parent Coaching

I love helping parents become therapists for their children! It's so rewarding for a parent to support their child to say their first word. 

Alternative Communication

Sometimes when children don't learn words verbally, it is helpful for them to communicate using pictures and/or sign language. I can help you choose the best mode of communication for your family.

Bilingual  Services

I am proficient in Spanish and offer my services in both Spanish and English. 

Daycare and Preschool Screenings

I offer free screenings at daycares and preschools. I also consult with daycare workers and teachers to discuss speech and language milestones.

My Approach

Many parents worry about how their child’s language delays will affect their ability to communicate with others when they are not present. At Better Together Speech Therapy, I believe parents can be their child’s best therapist. I provide parent coaching to empower parents to learn strategies that will improve their child’s speech and language skills so that my clients can get back to enjoying their child’s growing independence.

About Us

Welcome! We are two speech-language pathologists specializing in virtual services through a caregiver coaching model. 

Getting Help

Better Together Speech Therapy is a speech and language practice serving children virtually throughout Indiana and Colorado. Fill out an intake form for a free consultation!





Community Outreach

Kim, Rockville, IN

"I’m more confident in my ability to parent because I have these strategies in my toolbox. I am thankful we found Caitlin for our speech therapist. "

Anna, Covington, IN

"Caitlin is fantastic with our daughter and works diligently to ensure that she is given all options for communication, including learning and using alternative ways to communicate like sign and using a device."

Natalie, Crawfordsville, IN

"Caitlin has done an excellent job with my 4 year old son...we are thankful for Better Together Speech Therapy!!"
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