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Community Services

For working parents, scheduling therapy can be difficult. That's why I offer therapy at daycares and preschools. I offer free screenings at childcare facilities 1-2 times a year. Parents have an opportunity to sign their child up to receive a free screening. During my visit, I discuss concerns with the classroom teacher. I use standardized and informal assessments to determine if a child need further evaluation. If I determine that a child may be behind in their communication skills, I recommend a full, formal evaluation of their speech and language skills. I provide a list of possible providers. If the parent chooses to proceed with my services, I will complete an evaluation and determine if therapy is necessary. If therapy is necessary, I will provider therapy weekly at the daycare or preschool. This is helpful from a scheduling perspective, but it also allows me to work closely with teachers and childcare workers. 


If your child attends a daycare or preschool in El Paso county, Colorado and you are interested in a free on-site screening, please contact me and provide the name of your facility.  

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