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Bilingual Evaluation and Treatment

I have loved languages since I was a child! I first started learning Spanish in middle school. I took advanced classes in high school and continued taking classes in college. I had the opportunity to live in Madrid, Spain for two summers as a live-in nanny. At Purdue University I double majored in speech, language, and hearing sciences and linguistics and minored in Spanish. I returned to Spain when I was in college to take classes at the University of Complutense. My courses included classes in phonetics, semantics, and the dialects of Spanish. They were taught in Spanish by Spanish professors. While studying abroad I lived with a Spanish family. My time in Spain improved my Spanish drastically! I now speak Spanish proficiently. 

I have used my Spanish as a speech-language pathologist since graduate school. In my first job after graduating, I performed diagnostics in both Spanish and English. I learned to administer the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) and used my Spanish to assess both Spanish and English-speaking patients. I also administered bilingual language evaluations. I have continued performing bilingual language evaluations for the past 7 years. 

I have worked in several autism clinics. During these jobs I have worked with bilingual children. I completed evaluation and therapy in both English and Spanish. I also communicated with their families in Spanish. There are so many benefits to speaking more than one language and I am honored to help bilingual children reach their full potential!

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