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Parent Coaching

My passion is teaching parents to become confident in their role as a therapist. I offer a 12-week course where I teach caregivers to use speech therapy techniques such as self-talk, parallel-talk, modeling, imitation, and asking open-ended questions. Weekly therapy sessions are a start but imagine how much a child can learn when their parent is working on their goals during daily family activities! My goal is not to add time-consuming activities to your life but to help you make the activities you complete every day as language-enriching as possible. 


My real client here is the parent. The parents I have worked with have learned to use their child's favorite toys to increase vocabulary and sentence length. They have learned to follow their child's lead and imitate their skills to increase their child's imitation and play skills. They have learned to gently encourage their child to advocate for themself and communicate effectively with others. These skills can be incorporated into the activities you already do every day. I would be honored to work with you and your family!

Parent coaching can be done in the comfort of your own home through video calls! I use techniques such as direct teaching, modeling, and reviewing recorded play sessions. Every week you will learn a new skill and put it into practice with your child. You will then record a short session to send to me privately. I will review your session and give you feedback at the next session. The skills you learn build on each other so that by the end of the course you are using the therapy techniques most speech therapists use!

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