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My Approach

At Better Together Speech Therapy, I know that what you want more than anything right now is for your child to be able to communicate with others independently. You want to know that when your child is away from you and they need something, their caretaker or teacher will be able to understand them. You want them to be able to answer questions about what happened in their day when they were away from you. For that to happen though, you need a professional who understands how language develops and what can be done to improve communication skills. You need someone who is approachable and empathetic who will listen to the struggles you have at home around communication and help you come up with a plan. The problem is, you already have so many things you are juggling; it’s hard to imagine adding more tasks to your day. You’ve tried waiting to see if your child will catch up but the more time that goes by, the more your worry that they are getting farther behind.  Their language delays are making it difficult to play with other kids. It’s devastating to see your child left out at social gatherings because others can’t understand them. You may be the only one able to understand your child but as your child gets older and spends more time away from you, you worry that they will find themselves in situations where they need to communicate important information, but no one can understand them. That’s a scary place to be in.

At Better Together Speech Therapy, I believe every parent is doing their best with what they have available to them. It saddens me to see parents worried about their child’s development. It’s frustrating to see parents want so badly to help their child but lack the tools and/or knowledge to know what to do. I understand how overwhelming it can be to raise young children. Every day can feel like you’re barely keeping up with necessities, let alone going out of your way to research what your child needs to learn and thrive. That's why I focus on teaching what I know to parents. My services put the power back in the hands of parents. The parents I work with are given education, goals, and a focused plan.  They gain confidence and peace of mind knowing they are doing all that they can to help their child be an effective communicator.  I listen without judgment and look for the key areas that will have the most impact. I help parents focus on what their motivations are for therapy and push them toward their goals rather than my own. I’ve studied parent coaching and know how to effectively teach parents to become their child’s best “therapist.” Here's how it works: first a parent schedules an evaluation where I determine where the communication breakdowns are happening. I listen to what the parents want to improve, then I make a treatment plan to target these areas of frustration. Over a series of sessions, I teach the parent how to work on the treatment goals at home.

So email me today and schedule a free consultation so you can stop worrying about what will happen if your child cannot communicate without you and start enjoying your child’s newfound independence.  


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